Captain Huynh Ly Dong Phuong Captain Vietnam Airbus 21

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Vietnam Aviation’s first  Female Captain 

: The Sky is the Limit

(VNF) – “It is unbelievable, she is the Captain!” exclaimed many passengers, who are absolutely taken by surprise when seeing the gorgeous Captain on the Airbus 321 (Vietnam Airlines) Huynh Ly Dong Phuong.

Talking about ‘modern office’, the first idea flashed through most people’s mind will be ‘skycraper’.

For Huynh Ly Dong Phuong, the hard-to-find lady Captain of Vietnam Airlines (VNA), the answer will be ‘SKY’, simply and literally.

“To me, the most beautiful office is the sky, no workplace can have such diverse views, with the change taking place every day" Phuong said, excitedly.
The most beautiful office is the sky, Phuong said. (illustrative photo: shuttlestock) Destined to serve Motherland
Phuong was born and brought up in Belgium, her…

Capt Ishita Bhatia

Blog By : Ms.  Nidhi Jain

Capt Ishita Bhatia started her schooling from St. Stephens Chandigarh , and completed it from Sacred Heart Chandigarh. Ishita did her initial Commercial Pilot License ( C P L )  Flying from Philippines on Cessna 152 and Cessna 172 Aircrafts.. Her Flying School was WCC Masters in Plaridel, Philippines. After  completion She secured a job with Spicejet. She got  here her command on Boeing 737 Aircrafts . She worked with SpiceJet  for 8 years then she left as a Check Pilot on the 737. Ishita is currently working with Indigo as a Senior Captain on Airbus 320. Ishita has over 10 years experience in Airlines.  
Irrespective of Flying Aircrafts ,She loves travelling & as a hobby she travelled to almost 20 countries, among these her favorites have been Iceland and Greece also she likes snorkeling and  reading. During her Flying career Ishita has travelled to  4 countries. Ishita shares  " A healthy mind only resides in a healthy body", so she  practice Y…

Pilot Nancy Wileman

Pilot Nancy  Wileman

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Pilot Nancy  Wileman  Most Popular Female Pilots of the World ,  Popular Female Civil Pilots, famous female Pilots,

Capt Sneha Sharma

        Blog By :Ms.Nidhi Jain

Capt Sneha Sharma, a 26 Years Young Pilot, looks completely unperturbed by the fact that she is the only girl in the formula 4 category of the J K  Tyre  Racing Championship  Buddha International Circuit this year. In fact, she has made it a point to race only with her male counterparts.
For this Bombay based  Indigo Pilot Youth Icon, racing is not an easy job.
Capt Sneha Sharma has traveled with books on her racing assignments, fought with her parents, told numerous Lies and Jumped her Walls many a times to pursue her all Passions.
I have jumped walls, made up stories at home to be able to race Initially. 
I carried a lot of books on the track, you also have to put extra efforts on fitness being a girl. I wasn’t allowed to go to a race once and lost some points in the championship,” recalls Capt Sneha Sharma.
Apart from racing, Capt Sneha Sharma has some uncommon traits vis-a-vis her competitors: Capt Sneha Sharma is a Full- Time Pilot with IndiGo Airlines.…