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Captain Huynh Ly Dong Phuong Captain Vietnam Airbus 21

Captain Huynh Ly Dong Phuong  Captain Vietnam Airbus 21 A New Blog Directory of all Most Popular Female Pilots of the World , Popular Female Civil Pilots, 

Vietnam Aviation’s first  Female Captain 

: The Sky is the Limit

(VNF) – “It is unbelievable, she is the Captain!” exclaimed many passengers, who are absolutely taken by surprise when seeing the gorgeous Captain on the Airbus 321 (Vietnam Airlines) Huynh Ly Dong Phuong.

Talking about ‘modern office’, the first idea flashed through most people’s mind will be ‘skycraper’.

For Huynh Ly Dong Phuong, the hard-to-find lady Captain of Vietnam Airlines (VNA), the answer will be ‘SKY’, simply and literally.

“To me, the most beautiful office is the sky, no workplace can have such diverse views, with the change taking place every day" Phuong said, excitedly.
The most beautiful office is the sky, Phuong said. (illustrative photo: shuttlestock) Destined to serve Motherland
Phuong was born and brought up in Belgium, her…